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North Pole Adventures

Thank you for a Wonderful 2015 North Pole Adventure

On behalf of our entire staff, we wish to thank everyone who joined us this year for the 2015 North Pole Adventure.
We are so thankful you made us part of your family Christmas celebration and hope you will consider making the North Pole Adventure an annual family tradition.
We wish you all a wonderful New Year and can't wait to see you again in 2016.
A few exciting changes are being added to the 2016 adventure and we are confident you and your little ones will enjoy it again!


The Conner Family
John, Debbie, Megan, Blake and Ashlee

Letter FROM Santa

The letters should arrive in your mailbox before Christmas!

If for some reason you do not receive your child's letter, we have added a copy of the exact letter here on our site so you can print it off, add their name, and slip it in the mailbox.

Every child who sent Santa a letter on or before this past Thursday should receive a return letter from Santa. If yours did not, its either because there was no return address on their letter to Santa or it was not legible.

Again, if you haven't receive your child's letter from Santa by Christmas Eve, print off the attached letter below and simply add your lil ones name and your all set.

Thank you and Merry Christmas!

Welcome to the North Pole Adventure

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

The North Pole Adventure is a one-of-a-kind interactive Christmas attraction for the entire family and will be open to the public beginning November 27, 2015 until Christmas Eve.
The adventure is a "Go at your own pace" not a guided tour. While elves are throughout the adventure to interact with your children, your kids can spend as much time in each area as they wish.

The Adventure will be located INSIDE of Crossroads Mall, a 20,000 sqft beautifully decorated attraction, lower level, Southwest Mall entrance. North Pole Adventure features a life-size replica of the North Pole, including;

Santa's Post Office
(See where Santa answers all of the letters kids from around the world send him, and even send a letter to Santa while your there)

Elf University
(See the actual classroom the elves got to school in. Kids will even be able to sit in the elves classroom chairs, do some school projects, all with the help of Santa's elves)

Mrs. Claus Kitchen
(See where Mrs Claus prepares dinner for Santa, the elves and even the reindeer. Better come hungry, the aroma of Mrs Claus cookies will get ya....and of course, Mrs Claus will be sharing a cookie and milk with all)

Santa's Workshop
(See the actual shop where Santa and his Elves make all the toys for kids around the world, on the actual table with the actual tools. If that weren't enough, every child will also be able to make a special toy, with the help of an elf, and take it home with them)

Elf Clubhouse and Bedroom
(See where the Elves hang out, relax, play games, watch Christmas movies and just be silly. You will even get to see, and sit in, the actual "Elf-Mobile", the magical vehicle the elves use when Santa isn't around to fire up the sleigh. Finally, see where the elves go to bed at night and dream of candy canes, sugar plums, and Christmas magic)

Reindeer Barn
(See where the reindeer live, in the reindeer barn. But that's not, no. Kids and parents alike will get to see actual LIVE reindeer, right before your eyes. That's right the North Pole Adventure will have two of Santa's most Trusted reindeer....Comet and Cupid will be with us every day up until Christmas Eve when they have to leave to be ready to pull Santa's Sleigh Christmas Eve night)

ALL NEW:     North Pole LIVE Look

Kids and parents alike will be able to see a LIVE look of the North Pole, and will be able to see the elves working, sleeping and even be able to speak LIVE one on one, to the elves at the North Pole.

Santa's House
(Featuring a 19' Christmas Train, great for family photos, and just letting the kids climb aboard the Santa train and experience the Christmas magic. And of course, Santa will be here each day to meet and talk with each child. That special moment when your little one climbs atop Santa's Knee and shares their wishes for Christmas)

Kids, and parents alike, will experience what its like at the North Pole, see first hand what it takes for Santa and his Elves to get ready for Christmas each year, and experience it live and in person, hands on, like never before. Christmas is about kids, and the magic of the season. The memories your children will take away from The North Pole Adventure will be ones they will remember for a life time, and so will you!

Questions give us a call (405) 605-6123

$14.00 per child, one parent free with paid child admission (a $4.00 off child's admission coupon is available at the door for weeknight visits), additional adults admission $6.00 each

Come visit us from the day after Thanksgiving through Christmas Eve at the North Pole Adventure at Crossroads Mall (I-35 and I-240 in Oklahoma City)

Comet and Cupid have arrived at the North Pole Adventure and will be here every day until Christmas Eve

The New Mrs Claus Kitchen at the North Pole Adventure in Oklahoma City

Mrs Claus Kitchen, North Pole Adventure (Photo by Randy Blackwell Photography)

World Famous Elf Mobile has arrived at the North Pole Adventure in Oklahoma City

The famous Elf Mobile at the North Pole Adventure (Photo by Randy Blackwell Photography)

Santa's Renideer Barn at the North Pole Adventure in Oklahoma City

The Reindeer Barn, Home to Santa's Reindeer at the North Pole Adventure (Photo by Randy Blackwell Photography)

Santa's Elves have been bringing in at the elf desks at the North Pole Adventure in Oklahoma City

Elf University at the North Pole Adventure (Photo by Randy Photography)

Santa inspecting the Christmas Train at the North Pole Adventure in Oklahoma City

Santa inspecting the Christmas Train at the North Pole Adventure (Photo By Randy Blackwell Photography)

North Pole Adventure captures exclusive video of Santa Claus training his newest reindeer to pull his sleigh

Santa getting his Christmas train ready to come to Oklahoma and the North Pole Adventure

Santa getting his Christmas Train ready to come to Oklahoma

Santa with his brand new Christmas Sleigh